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18 February 2015
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19 December 2014
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30 January 2014

A non-profit foundation or trust concerned with issues of animal health and food safety

  • Making a unique contribution to risk reduction in the field of  transmissible diseases amongst production animals

  • Leading to strategic directives as well as practical, operational advice for food safety.

  • Endorsed by public and private stakeholders.

  • Covering risk assessment, risk management and risk communication.

  • Coming up: TAFS Meeting April 13/14, 2015 in Lyon, France, kindly hosted by Merial


The TAFS forum is an independent, Swiss-based forum, with international membership, dedicated to studying, reporting and making recommendations on controversial and emerging issues relating to the safety of food derived from animals.

Our activities include scanning the horizon for new risks, assessing the level of risks for the food industry, and recommending risk management.

We bring together scientists, industry, regulators and consumers in the TAFS forum to facilitate the understanding of these issues by policy-makers, politicians, the scientific community, journalists and members of the public.


Ultimately, we aim at contributing to justified consumer trust in food safety.

If you find our work useful, relevant, and beneficial to your own activities we would appreciate having an opportunity to talk to you about potential membership or you may wish to consider supporting our research by a donation. Due to our non-profit status your donations are likely to be tax-deductable, depending on your country's regulations.