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Articles From December 2011

Cows get stressed when separated from best friends

30 December 2011
Technical news (uncommented clippings)
Tags: cattle, welfare

Cows have best friends and become stressed if they are separated, according to a scientist. Read the full article under the hyperlink above.

Wishing all TAFS forum members and everybody following our newsletter that you will have plenty of opportunity to see your best friends in 2012.

Best wishes,

Uli Sperling

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New tainted milk scandal in China

28 December 2011
Technical news (uncommented clippings)
Tags: China, milk, aflatoxin

High levels of aflatoxin M1 have been found in a batch of milk before release for sales by China Mengniu Dairy Group and created a new scare, following the contamination of milk with melamine in 2008.

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Schmallenberg virus causing ruminant disease in Germany and The Netherlands

27 December 2011
Technical news (commented)
Tags: technical news, cattle, insect, Schmallenberg, virus, lamb, sheep, Germany, Netherlands

A new virus has been detected in Germany and The Netherlands and is suspected to be the cause of disease and abortions in cattle and sheep. The virus has been called Schmallenberg virus (SBV) preliminarily, after the German city where the identified strain was sampled. The risk for humans seems to be low, but significant uncertainties exist.

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Who should pay to make ground beef safe from E. coli?

02 December 2011
Technical news (commented)
Tags: beef, E.coli, economics

The debate as to who should pay for food safety is a good one to have as it indicates that the problem has moved from the technological to the economic level. This may not be entirely the case with Shigatoxin-producing E. coli, but it is good to learn about advances in this field.

See http://www.usatoday.com for a recent article on the topic.

See the full news article for interpretation and comment.

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