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Articles From February 2012

New Synopsis on Chronic Wasting Disease in USA

24 February 2012
Technical news (uncommented clippings)

A new synopsis in EID by Saunders et al. summarizes 'Occurrence, Transmission, and Zoonotic Potential of Chronic Wasting Disease'.

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Goodbye to 'tseandfoodsafety'

06 February 2012
News on TAFS
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The former domain name of TAFS, tseandfoodsafety.org, had been in parallel use with our current domain tafsforum.org for a while, but has now been put out of service. Please make sure that your bookmarks and address books are in sync.


In the course of changing email servers, there is a small chance that any emails you wrote between Friday (February 3) and Saturday night to tafsforum.org - what else would you do on a Friday night? - might be lost. Please check if any mails bounced back to you and resend if needed.


We can now be reached again at ulrich.sperling@tafsforum.org or info@tafsforum.org.


Apologies for the inconvenience.

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