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2 new white papers

22 December 2016
Position Papers
Tags: TAFS, milk, dairy, food safety, amr, chicken, Salmonella, eggs

The TAFS forum has published two new white papers:

- Antimicrobial residues in condemned (waste) milk and its potential impact on public health/food safety

- The probability of the presence of antimicrobial resistant Salmonella spp. on food derived from chickens, the impact on human health, and preventative measures at farm level

Both papers are availabe for download on the TAFS website:


Please feel free to share. We are also looking forward to your comments.

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White Paper on antimicrobials in animal farming

10 March 2016
Position Papers
Tags: TAFS, technical news, food safety, animal health, amr

TAFS publishes White Paper "Usage of antimicrobials in animal farming -- What we know about the risks and what we should know".

Available for download here.

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The TAFS Assessment of Paratuberculosis in the Food Chain

04 March 2013
Position Papers
Tags: TAFS, paratuberculosis, milk, consumers, risk, food safety, assessment, trade

The TAFS forum has today published its "Assessment of Paratuberculosis in the Food Chain" presentation, as a Youtube-Video and pdf for download.

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Summary and simplified version of position paper on feed ban relaxation

14 December 2010
Position Papers
Tags: TAFS, TSE, position paper, feed ban

In addition to the recently published full position paper on a potential relaxation of the feed ban, TAFS has posted today a shortened and simplified version for those who only want to know about the key arguments and take home message. As the full version, the short one is available at http://www.tafsforum.org/tse.html.

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New TAFS Position Paper on Relaxation of Feed Ban

05 November 2010
Position Papers
Tags: TAFS, TSE, position paper

TAFS has published a new position paper, discussing the pros and cons of a potential relaxation of the feed ban that was introduced in the EU and elsewhere to break the BSE infection cycle. The paper lists key requirements that would need to be met before the feed ban for non-ruminants could be relaxed. As these requirements are currently not met TAFS concludes that maintenance of the ban is the only means to drive the level of risk towards zero.
The paper can be downloaded from the TAFS website at http://www.tafsforum.org/tse.html.

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Paper on Swine Influenza and 2009 Pandemic Influenza

10 February 2010
Position Papers
Tags: TAFS, position paper, influenza

TAFS has broadened its scope: besides TSEs and Paratuberculosis, Influenza has been taken up as our third topic. An informational paper on this topic is published on TAFS' website.

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Risk Management Paratuberculosis

02 July 2009
Position Papers
Tags: TAFS, position paper, paratuberculosis

TAFS published its first position paper on a non-TSE animal disease today. It is a recommended risk management plan for paratuberculosis and available for download from the TAFS website.

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