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The TAFS Assessment of Paratuberculosis in the Food Chain

04 March 2013
Position Papers
Tags: TAFS, paratuberculosis, milk, consumers, risk, food safety, assessment, trade

The TAFS forum has today published its "Assessment of Paratuberculosis in the Food Chain" presentation, as a Youtube-Video and pdf for download.

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President of CSU call for 'common ground' - TAFS forum delivers it

02 April 2012
Technical news (uncommented clippings)
Tags: TAFS, USA, consumers, regulators, producers, academia

Dr. Anthony A. Frank, president of Colorado State University, called for 'common ground', addressing participants of the NIAA (National Institute for Animal Agriculture) annual conference in Denver, Colorado (March 26 - 29, 2012).

The TAFS forum delivers exactly that.

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