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New paper and video about MAP and Crohn's disease

18 February 2015
Official publications
Tags: TAFS, paratuberculosis, MAP, Crohn's

TAFS member Michael Collins summarizes the story of 'One Health - MAP - Crohn's Disease' in language readily understood by non-scientists on beststory.ca. The website charges 40 US Cent for access to the story, the value of which goes far beyond.



Also recommended for watching: Crohn's Controversy: Cause, Vaccine and Anti-MAP Therapy by Phil Nicholson. http://youtu.be/4CELZLY2X9c

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The TAFS Assessment of Paratuberculosis in the Food Chain

04 March 2013
Position Papers
Tags: TAFS, paratuberculosis, milk, consumers, risk, food safety, assessment, trade

The TAFS forum has today published its "Assessment of Paratuberculosis in the Food Chain" presentation, as a Youtube-Video and pdf for download.

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Irish Johnes eradication plan to start in January 2013

07 June 2012
Technical news (uncommented clippings)
Tags: paratuberculosis, milk, beef, dairy, Ireland

A national programme to eradicate Johne's Disease (Paratuberculosis) will start in Ireland next January.

The disease is said to be 'a major cause for concern for dairy processors supplying product into the infant formula market', but beef processors are also believed to be 'anxious to tackle the issue'.

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