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White Paper on antimicrobials in animal farming

10 March 2016
Position Papers
Tags: TAFS, technical news, food safety, animal health, amr

TAFS publishes White Paper "Usage of antimicrobials in animal farming -- What we know about the risks and what we should know".

Available for download here.

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Detection of MaP ... collected from elderly slaughter cows ... by M√ľnster et al.

09 January 2012
Technical news (commented)
Tags: technical news, paratuberculosis, MAP, cattle, Germany

Münster et al. report finding about 17% of a random sample of German cattle MaP positive.

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Schmallenberg virus causing ruminant disease in Germany and The Netherlands

27 December 2011
Technical news (commented)
Tags: technical news, cattle, insect, Schmallenberg, virus, lamb, sheep, Germany, Netherlands

A new virus has been detected in Germany and The Netherlands and is suspected to be the cause of disease and abortions in cattle and sheep. The virus has been called Schmallenberg virus (SBV) preliminarily, after the German city where the identified strain was sampled. The risk for humans seems to be low, but significant uncertainties exist.

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