Douwe Bakker awarded Emeritus Member Award

12 June 2018 | News on TAFS

Our long-time member Douwe Bakker was awarded the Emeritus Member Award of the International Association for Paratuberculosis at its 14th International Colloquium earlier this month in Mexico. Congratulations, Douwe! We are honored to have you in our group and look forward to you briefing us again on this important topic, together with your fellow experts Irene Grant and Mike Collins, at the next TAFS meeting.Douwe Bakker being awarded Emeritus Member Award


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Factoring Chinese consumers’ risk perceptions into their willingness to pay for pork safety, environmental stewardship, and animal welfare

14 December 2017 | Technical news (uncommented clippings)

65% of consumers in Beijing [74% in Shanghai] believe that animals (pigs) treated well are safer (to eat).

70% [71%] believe that animals treated well taste better.

Is the market listening?

More details, also on willingness to pay, under

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Global hotspots and correlates of emerging zoonotic diseases

03 November 2017 | Technical news (uncommented clippings)

Ecohealth Alliance publishes updated and improved map of emerging infectious disesases (EIDs). India and eastern China light up brightly, along with southern Japan, and certain zones in western Europe and elsewhere. This is where surveillance should be focused on.

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