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09 July 2015
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The TAFS forum will hold its 27th meeting as an open meeting at the EXPO 2015 in Milano on September 2-3.

The topic is 'Risks and opportunities for a sustainable dairy chain'.


A look ahead: the next ten years for the dairy value chain

What lies ahead for the dairy value chain? At its upcoming Open Meeting, the TAFS Forum on Trust in Animals & Food Safety will gather its membership joined by selected external invitees in order to explore risks and opportunities for a sustainable dairy chain 2015-2025. Experts from within and outside TAFS will systematically analyse and structure driving forces and uncertainties affecting physical (e.g., farm land, veterinary drugs, clean water) and non-physical (e.g., farm economics, consumer trust) components of the dairy system. The future scenarios resulting from this exercise will enable participants at the meeting to identify and assess both: risks that may threaten the functioning of the dairy chain and opportunities for mitigation and innovation. The group of participants coming from diverse parts of the value chain will work together under safe-house rules in a carefully designed and facilitated participatory process. This Open Meeting provides a unique opportunity to discover business-relevant insights within the dairy value chain.


Outcome of the TAFS Open Meeting

Attendants will learn about risks affecting the dairy chain and how they interact in the dairy system. They will be triggered to reflect – individually and collectively - how these risks may affect their areas of responsibility, be it in the public or private domain. They will also discuss opportunities to take protective steps to mitigate the identified risks. The two-day Open Meeting is highly interactive and builds on the contribution of all participants. As part of the experience, participants will have the opportunity to network with dairy chain stakeholders to which they have otherwise limited access. TAFS is supported in the event design and facilitation by Prospex, the company specialized in participatory foresight.


Registration open!

To learn more about the event and register please see

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