Irish Johnes eradication plan to start in January 2013

07 June 2012 | Technical news (uncommented clippings)

A national programme to eradicate Johne's Disease (Paratuberculosis) will start in Ireland next January.

The disease is said to be 'a major cause for concern for dairy processors supplying product into the infant formula market', but beef processors are also believed to be 'anxious to tackle the issue'.

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Who should pay to make ground beef safe from E. coli?

02 December 2011 | Technical news (commented)

The debate as to who should pay for food safety is a good one to have as it indicates that the problem has moved from the technological to the economic level. This may not be entirely the case with Shigatoxin-producing E. coli, but it is good to learn about advances in this field.

See for a recent article on the topic.

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