TAFS forum endorses 'Safe Feed Cattle' Program of Zensho

08 November 2012 | News on TAFS

Zensho Holdings, a member of the TAFS forum, Ltd., has conceptualized and designed its ‘Safe Feed Cattle (SFC)’ program as an accreditation system for enhancing the safety of the beef products served to its customers. 

The TAFS forum has carefully reviewed the SFC program of Zensho Holdings, Ltd., and concludes that it is a science-based program suitable to enhance the safety of beef products. The TAFS forum acknowledges Zensho Holdings’ contribution to the protection of its consumers and endorses its SFC Program.


A letter of endorsement was handed over to Zensho's President Ogawa in Tokyo on October 26th.

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Summary and simplified version of position paper on feed ban relaxation

14 December 2010 | Position Papers

In addition to the recently published full position paper on a potential relaxation of the feed ban, TAFS has posted today a shortened and simplified version for those who only want to know about the key arguments and take home message. As the full version, the short one is available at

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