African Swine Fever


2nd Scientific Conference and Workshop: Beijing, August 6/7, 2019

Purpose of the conference is to give an actualized overview on the situation regarding ASF worldwide and specifically in China. Basis is solid verified scientific facts, which will be presented by acknowledged international subject matter experts. Participants of the conference will be given the necessary information to judge the status in China in an objective , fact-based way, and learn about applications of commensurate measures. The day after the conference , a separate closed workshop has been organized for a smaller group of participants who are involved in gaining control of the epidemic. It will be possible to have direct and confidential discussions with the experts on individual questions and needs, and work on solutions.


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2nd ASF Conference Beijing 2019


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1st Scientific Conference: Beijing, March, 26, 2019 

The TAFS forum held a technical conference on African Swine Fever (ASF) in Beijing, China, on March 26th 2019 in collaboration with IQC International and Lyja Media. The presentations of this conference (English and Chinese) may be downloaded here (presenters' permission given). They shall not be modifid or amended.