TAFS at Food Safety Conference in Shanghai November

16 September 2010 | News on TAFS

TAFS will participate in the China International Food Safety & Quality Conference + Expo in Shanghai, November 10-11, 2010. See for further details. On November 11, we will present our platform in a breakout session (session L, starting at 1:30 pm) under the title "The TAFS Forum - A Platform for Collaboration Across Borders and Sectors". Come and meet us there.

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US committee reports on ruminants as key source of MAP in food

16 July 2010 | Technical news (uncommented clippings)

The US National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods has published its review 'Assessment of Food as a Source of Exposure to Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP)'.

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TAGS paratuberculosis, MAP, milk, cheese, water, fruits, vegetables, ground beef

India and Peru have 'negligible' BSE risk

03 June 2010 | Technical news (uncommented clippings)

At its 78th General Session, the World Organisation for Animal Health OIE has newly recognised India and Peru as having a 'negligible' BSE risk.

The Republic of Korea and Panama were added to the list of countries with 'controlled' BSE risk.

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TAGS TSE, OIE, Korea, Panama, India, Peru

J. Matern chairs Global Food Safety Initiative

19 February 2010 | News on TAFS

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), managed by The Consumer Goods Forum, announced the appointment of Jürgen Matern, Vice President, Strategic Quality Management at Metro AG and member of TAFS. TAFS congratulates Jürgen Matern to this honourable achievement and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with GFSI.

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TAGS TAFS, members, GFSI

Paper on Swine Influenza and 2009 Pandemic Influenza

10 February 2010 | Position Papers

TAFS has broadened its scope: besides TSEs and Paratuberculosis, Influenza has been taken up as our third topic. An informational paper on this topic is published on TAFS' website.

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TAGS TAFS, position paper, influenza

TAFS presents knowledge about Paratuberculosis in novel format

10 February 2010 | News on TAFS

Knowledge dissemination about transmissible animal diseases and food safety is a key mandate of TAFS. So far, we have done this through public conferences and position papers on our website. Now, TAFS has taken a novel approach and makes the knowledge captured in previous documents available through 'Grasp-It®', a tool that sorts statements into three categories (facts, opinions, assumptions) and makes the semantic relationships betweem them transparent (e.g., opinion x is based on fact y and assumption z).

Go to to learn more about the approach or start the tool here.

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TAGS TAFS, paratuberculosis

New member to strengthen consumer perspective at TAFS

04 January 2010 | News on TAFS

s per January 1st, 2010, TAFS welcomes Professor Dr. Klaus G. Grunert of the Aarhus School of Business, Denmark, as its latest member.

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TAGS TAFS, members

Possible Transmission of BSE and Scrapie to Fish

30 July 2009 | Technical news (commented)

A new paper* is addressing the transmissibility of BSE and Scrapie to fish.

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TAGS TSE, fish
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