First Report of vCJD in Turkey - Diagnosis unlikely

20 March 2012 | Technical news (uncommented clippings)

After a recent report about a 'probable variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease' case, the EUROCJD group replies in a public letter why it considers the diagnosis 'unlikely'. The group states that 'the diagnosis of vCJD cannot be regarded as correct unless there is neuropathological verification of this diagnosis'.

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CDC research shows outbreaks linked to imported foods increasing

15 March 2012 | Technical news (uncommented clippings)

Fish and spices the most common sources

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TAGS fish, USA, spices, outbreak

New Synopsis on Chronic Wasting Disease in USA

24 February 2012 | Technical news (uncommented clippings)

A new synopsis in EID by Saunders et al. summarizes 'Occurrence, Transmission, and Zoonotic Potential of Chronic Wasting Disease'.

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Goodbye to 'tseandfoodsafety'

06 February 2012 | News on TAFS

The former domain name of TAFS,, had been in parallel use with our current domain for a while, but has now been put out of service. Please make sure that your bookmarks and address books are in sync.


In the course of changing email servers, there is a small chance that any emails you wrote between Friday (February 3) and Saturday night to - what else would you do on a Friday night? - might be lost. Please check if any mails bounced back to you and resend if needed.


We can now be reached again at or


Apologies for the inconvenience.

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MaP makes spores

31 January 2012 | Technical news (commented)

Lamont et al. report observing MaP cultures going into a 'spore-like morphotype' under stress conditions. This has important implications for strategies to control MaP.

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TAGS paratuberculosis, MAP

compilation of studies on MAP in food and water published

23 January 2012 | Technical news (uncommented clippings)

Long awaited, a key reference in our 'Recommended Risk Management Plan for Paratuberculosis' has finally become available online. You can find the paper 'Assessment of Sources of Exposure for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in Food and Water' by Mihajlovic et al. in Int. food risk anal. j., 2011, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1-22, here. The paper represents another compilation of studies on MAP in food and water.

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TAGS paratuberculosis, MAP

MAP in diaphragm and masseter of dairy cattle

10 January 2012 | Technical news (commented)

Pribylova et al. report finding MaP bacteria in intestine (used for sausage casings), masseter (chewing muscle) and diaphragm of dairy cattle. They state that "due to the changing behaviour of consumers, both of these muscles have started to be widely used in cuisine" and suggest that "processing of cows with paratuberculosis in abattoirs without any precautions (restrictions) and the usage of meat for human consumption should be rethought."

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TAGS paratuberculosis, MAP, cattle, dairy, intestine, masseter, diaphragm

Detection of MaP ... collected from elderly slaughter cows ... by M√ľnster et al.

09 January 2012 | Technical news (commented)

Münster et al. report finding about 17% of a random sample of German cattle MaP positive.

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TAGS technical news, paratuberculosis, MAP, cattle, Germany
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